A prime activity for the 2005 LEPC will be to solicit all industries and agencies in Roane County which use hazardous materials to join the LEPC and be active participants in its functions.  In this way, our workers in those industries, our citizens in the surrounding communities, and our first responders and rescue personnel will have the vital information they need to be prepared for any untoward event involving hazardous materials.

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Join Us For The May 16, 2007 Meeting  Roane County Rescue Squad Building in Midtown.

The Primary mission of the Roane Co. LEPC is to develop and maintain a comprehensive county-wide emergency response plan; evaluate county and industrial facility response plans in accordance with SARA/EPCRA; integrate response capabilities, and foster cooperative efforts between local governments and industries.

Please visit our site often for up to date information about emergency planning in Roane County.

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See the new web page for the Roane County Office of Emergency Management & Homeland Security: http://www.roanegov.org/rcema.htm

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